Application Tips

See below for our tips on how to ensure a seamless application:

  • Less is more with our bond, please ensure you only use a small amount of bond! When too much bond is applied, the bond cannot fully dry so will not hold your lash extensions for long. Too much bond can also make your application messy.
  • Scrape excess bond out of the bond bottle before applying onto your natural lashes, so you don't accidentally apply too much. 
  • Focus the bond on the roots of your natural lashes to avoid a clumpy look along the length of your lashes. You do not need to brush the bond all the way up your lashes like mascara.
  • Slightly overlap your lash segments when applying them. This helps lock in each lash segment together.
  • Close the bond and sealant bottle completely airtight after use, otherwise it can dry out.
  • Use the Relock Method each morning to extend lash longevity. This is when you dab a small amount of sealant at the root only of your lashes and squeeze them together using your Lash Applicator. Ensure you hold the squeeze for at least a few seconds to relock them into place which will extend the longevity of your lash extensions Click here to view a tutorial video of the Relock Method.
  • Ensure your lashes are thoroughly cleansed and dry before starting application.
  • Most customers prefer the Under-Lash Application Method as it is often easier (as you can clearly see where you are applying the lash extensions, without your natural lashes blocking your vision), hence often provides a more seamless result.
  • If the lash applicator keeps getting stuck to your lashes when squeezing, this means that the bond is getting onto the applicator!
    To ensure this does not happen, ensure you wipe the Lash Applicator thoroughly with the Applicator Cleansing Wipe before starting this step. You can also apply sealant to the lash applicator before squeezing which will prevent the lashes from sticking to your lash applicator. Here is a great tutorial method on this, showing you how to prevent the Lash Applicator from sticking to your lashes during this step.

Please note if it is your first time applying lash extensions, or if you are not used to applying segment lashes, allow more than 10 minutes for application. This is because it may take a few practices to perfect the application process.

If you are already familiar with applying segment lashes than you will likely pick it up sooner. As with anything new, there is likely to be a bit of a learning curve at first but after this, it should only take you 10 minutes to apply!

You may also like to view our FAQ's by clicking here or watch our tutorial videos on how to apply and remove your lash extensions here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by clicking here.