At Infinaluxe, we strive to provide innovative solutions for the modern woman who loves to look glam.

More than just a cosmetics brand, our mission is to make every woman feel like their most beautiful self, without spending hours in salon appointments.

Our first range of products centre around an at home, DIY lash extension system that gives you the power to apply your own lash extensions at home in 10 minutes - so you can say goodbye to 2 hour lash salon appointments once and for all.


The idea behind Infinaluxe was born during the first COVID lockdown in Australia in early 2020. When lash salons across the country were forced to shut their doors due to the pandemic, we were devastated. Lashes are a necessity for any glam girl!

After trying daily strip lashes and magnetic lashes and being frustrated with the process and short life span of these alternatives, we wanted a solution that was comparable to salon quality professional lash extensions.

A solution which meant we could wake up with a full set of glam lashes, exercise, sweat and shower without worrying about our lashes. We took the situation into our own hands and after over two years of research, development, experimenting and testing, the Infinaluxe Lash Extension system was born!

“We originally created the lash extension system for myself so I could apply my own lash extensions at home during the COVID lockdown. But after realising how quick, easy and time-saving the system was, I realised we had created a truly life-changing system. A system that meant no more having to go to the lash salon every few weeks for 2 hours at a time. It gave me 2 hours (plus travel) back every few weeks, which was invaluable to me in my busy schedule. We wanted to share this revolution with all women. Because who has time these days to spend hours at the lash salon every few weeks? And that’s when Infinaluxe was born.” says Kat, founder of Infinaluxe.

Aside from being lovers of all things glam, we are also gym junkies so ensuring that the Infinaluxe Lash Extension system is sweat-proof and workout-proof was very important whilst developing this system. It is safe to say that it is definitely sweat-proof and workout-proof, as tested by Kat herself and others during the entire development stage!