After Care

To maximise the longevity and quality of your new Infinaluxe Lash Extensions, please follow the below care instructions after application:

  1. Avoid allowing any moisture on or near your lashes for 48 hours after application. This includes steam from hot showers, humidity in the air, sweating from exercise etc.
  2. Do not use oil-based products near your eyes (including foundation, creams, cleansers or eyeliner/eyeshadows containing any oils).
  3. Do not apply mascara to your new Infinaluxe Lash Extensions (you won’t need it anyway!).
  4. Do not sleep on your face.
  5. Be careful when applying and removing makeup around your eyes.
  6. Do not rub, pull or touch your lash extensions or allow any other excessive pressure to affect your lashes
  7. Gently brush your lashes using the including eyelash brush starting from 48 hours after application.
  8. To keep your lashes looking fresh and to extend longevity, gently wash your lashes with the Infinaluxe Foaming Lash Cleanser. This ensures oil and dirt are effectively removed, which can build up and cause shorter lash retention. Be gentle when washing your lashes, and ensure you gently pat dry and brush your lashes straight after washing.
  9. Exercise common sense when getting water on your lashes and do not expose to excessive pressure. Ensure you gently pat dry and brush your lashes with the included lash brush after they are exposed to water. When showering or washing your face, try to avoid excessive water pressure or excessive water exposure if possible.
  10. If any lash segments start coming off before the 10-14 day period, you can simply remove it and re-apply that baby right on! Make sure you follow the same application instructions as you did to originally apply your lashes, including applying the lash segment with the Infinaluxe Long Wear Lash Bond, squeezing the lash segment to your natural lashes with the Infinaluxe Lash Applicator, and sealing with the Infinaluxe Long Wear Lash Bond
  11. Use the Relock Method each morning to extend lash longevity. This is when you dab a small amount of sealant at the root only of your lashes and squeeze them together using your Lash Applicator. Ensure you hold the squeeze for at least a few seconds to relock them into place which will extend the longevity of your lash extensions Click here to view a tutorial video of the Relock Method.